WHO WE ARE - Introducing YUMM


YUMM is a Model Management Modelling Agency that represents, manages and secures modelling work for models.     

  • YUMM does not care where you live in the UK, what you do for living, your age, background, height or size. Being a professional model [be it part time or full time] not only means that you will be expected to travel but with all secured jobs, we can assure travel is covered regardless of where you have to travel to. Many models out there travel the whole world on model assignments while their agencies are usually situated in London, being the fashion capital it is.
  • YUMM models, like any agency means that you are perfectly within your right to turn down jobs, This, for example, could be because it clashes with your daily activities, you’re simply busy, got exams or educational work [that MUST ALWAYS take priority], on holiday, not feeling too well – or perhaps you simply do not feel you would be suited to the job [or child, in the case of a parent].                             
  • YUMM earns 20% commission and draws on its resources to get as many potential clients, as possible to view its models [the more eyeballs on the models’ profiles, the better]
  • YUMM employs in-house model bookers and freelance bookers too. The strategy here being that, the more model bookers we have under our employment, the lesser the ratio of model booker to models, and in turn, the greater the chances of each model getting offered work.
  • YUMM Models get work in 3 main ways: By way of its superb model bookers like any model agency | By applying for jobs on our jobs board in which case, if the client likes the model, YUMM informs the model and represents them | By the client clicking on the ‘Book this Model’ button on a the model’s profile. Again, YUMM contacts the model and enquires if they wish to carry out the particular job.
  • YUMM acts as a go-between in any disputes, and holds fees in a client account for safekeeping in accordance with Government regulations. This money is then handed over to the model upon successful completion of each job.    

So, if you’re wanting a bona fide modelling agency you can trust, one that will try and pull out all the stops and does things the proper way by the book, YUMM is the word.

Good luck from the YUMM Team