About YUMM

Succeeding as a model is a mix of getting bags of exposure and publicity, having the potential and finally, about you! You, being your attitude, work ethic and professionalism always.

If YUMM accepts you, it is all about Work, Work and Work.

Nothing is ever guaranteed in this industry, but rest assured, we’ll go to any lengths to make it happen for you!!!

Your Model Management also known as YUMM was set up based on in-depth research about what most aspiring models ultimately want out of the modelling industry, that want is called ‘work’.

Armed with all this information, the team at YUMM thought long and hard on a way to help all categories of aspiring models try their hand at modelling – but only select those we honestly felt had true model potential. Succeeding as a model is not based on what you think of yourself in terms of your look, figure, height, physique, etc. Rather, it is based on what the client wants, as they are the ones hiring you and making you fulfil your highest potential to their expectations.

YUMM is a model agency in every sense of the word. We can only offer models a non-exclusive model contract and a chance to try their hand at modelling. we do not pay for anything for the model such as their photos for example but on the flip side, we let you try modelling using your existing professional pictures or natural ones but only if they are presentable enough. After all, we have to maintain certain standards to impress our clients.

What if you want to get pictures done off your own back, as it were? If you do, we can suggest some very good, cost effective and highly experienced fashion, glamour or boudoir photographers that are based as close to you as possible. If you want help in this or more info, simple contact us: info@yumm.org.uk. We also provide expert in-house team to assess you from your look and measurements in deciding whether you are worth giving a chance to. In this industry, only one party is qualified to decide if you are real model material or is the client, as they are paying your model fees when hiring you. We also take an industry standard 20% commission. We also take an industry standard 20% commission.

YUMM has four model boards which are from lowest to highest: Development Models Board | Main Models Board | Must-See Models Board | Special Models Board. If YUMM accepts you, we will discuss which of the boards you are best eligible to be placed, which is based on not just your model needs and potential but also, where we feel we ca best get you work.

In summary, YUMM is here to offer models with true model potential a chance at being a model but around their daily activities. Want to use your existing portfolio or natural ones? No problem. Want to do modelling part time or full time depending on the work available? Worried that you may not look like the typical model based perhaps on your height, size, accent, look, frame, etc.? Don’t let that bother you, as the client will decide based on YUMM’s initial assessment of you.

Look at it this way? When you look at all the models out there you see in the media? If they weren’t models and say, you saw them on your local high street going about their daily business, how many would you have guessed would end up as highly paid models? It is because of this mindset that YUMM is here to offer all potential models a chance to break into this industry and succeed.