In order to book your slot, we do NOT take silly booking fees [as we are a model agency that gets models work, as you’ve probably seen from our Instagram,] so, no need to worry!

  1. The Model Interview process will come in TWO stages. Stage 1 is the Casting Shoot and Stage 2, the Model Interview. If you are lucky to get through BOTH, you’ve got yourself a model contract. If not, you get the free images to seek another agency and/or do with them what you wish.
  2. Submit you application using the short form below and remember to submit a photo [it can be any photo, as long as it shows your face]
  3. Upon receiving your application, we will bring you in to the agency for your free casting fashion shoot. This will involve a highly skilled fashion photographer taking between 10-15 professional images of you. The shoot can be of your choice be it fashion based, commercial, lingerie, etc.
  4. Before attending, we will email you all necessary information you will need to know concerning the casting shoot (i.e. our address, what to bring, what to wear, etc.)
  5. After the free shoot, the model recruitment team will look through your application to assess whether you will be brought back in for a model interview.
  6. Depending on how busy we are on the day, we may be able to give you a quick decision and if a positive one, interview you on the SAME day. If you live outside the M25, you may be given higher priority (for an instant model interview] than applicants that live in (or close to) London. If not, you will be invited back on a day that suits you and the agency.
  7. If you are NOT accepted, you will be duly informed and the fashion images taken sent to your email address within 5 working days of the decision.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 3633 1422 / 07931 982228 (text/call) or email: if you have any problems with the form above, please also feel free to email your application direct to: with your - full name, age. height, contact number and area you live.

Why Choose YUMM

  • All model Genres catered for.
  • All ages (4 – 49).
  • No height or size restrictions so, plus size welcome.
  • Travel costs to interview will be refunded if you are NOT successful
  • All travel (and accommodation where relevant) to and from jobs always paid
  • - NO silly booking fees taken over the phone [we’re a Regulated Model Agency not a Model Platform or Studio]

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1. Personal Info

Incase of age below 19y, Please provide your parent’s phone number.

2. Choose your Appointment

When can you attend for your FREE casting fashion shoot (Optional but it will speed up your application). It can be Monday to Friday (11am to 6pm). The agency is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

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