Yeezy Season 6 Sold in minutes!

Yeezy Season 6 Sold in minutes!


S6 of Yeezy by Kanye West, has hit the market today (22/12) and are already sold out. They were sold out within minutes of the season appearing on sail. It partly shows that limited edition clothing is the way to go if you want to meet the market. But there are people that don’t like the Yeezy clothe line seeing it only as an easy way to make a profit, but not seeing the art side of it or a way to change direction in fashion.

Vivienne Hopley-Jones gives her opinion on the recently released Yeezy Season 6 by Mr West, which seems to be taking advantage of the celebrity culture on which families such as the Kardashians have their millions.

After the confusion during the New York Fashion Week in September over weather or not Kanye West’s Fashion line would be presenting its highly anticipated new collection, S6 of Yeezy was finally released and sold out in minutes. However, no show or presentation is expected in the near future mainly because people the release before the posters started to appear around the world. For the advertisement Mr West used his wife Kim K. social media and it clearly worked. This stark contrast to the artistry of the classic runway show is a move witch in my view has been misguidedly praised by fashion critics mainly because it suggests that catwalks are pointless.

Praising Mr West’s lasts work, specifically the way it has been released, the phrase ‘fashion genius’, Emma Hope Allwood grants the collection in Dazed magazine, a Stance which seems to feed into the celebrity obsession on which Mr West is explicitly monopolising in his latest collection of Yeezy S6.

Mr West has been known to present his collection in innovative ways, this marketing campaign personally I think is unique and no one has done this before with posters being just Instagram Pictures, with Kim Kardashian wearing the clothe line. With Kim’s reputation on social media it was the best and easiest way to advertise. But with Kim’s own fame overshadowing the design, which consequently became less about fashion and artistry, but the art is in the scheme that played out very well for them.

Despite my liking of the Yeezy design being claimed by the fashion industry that the latest collection is ‘fashion genius’ for me is a bit too much. You could go to your local store and probably get something similar but with the name tag on it.

Overall, Yeezy’s marketing ploy is certainly ‘genius’ from a money-making perspective, but that doesn’t make it artistically credible, but the way it was advertise with Kim’s Instagram posters is unique.