Russian Boots Fashion

Russian Boots Fashion


Foot Prince in the Snow

When it comes to the Russian Boots backing all the way back to 1925 they haven’t really changed. They have certainly been the boots to go for when you had to walk through deep snow. The measurements of the legs were no doubt designed so that the leg could be easily slipped into the boot if you had thicker sock and or stockings, in the east side of the world you wouldn't usually see the boots due to high snow but when worn it would be accompanied with a corresponding bulk of fur as presumed.

Despite the boots origin when flown to English and modernised to appeal more fashionable, made for a slimmer silhouette and with carefully chosen clothes that will attract the eye. When worn by women who walked freely along swept street with barely an-inch of snow, with there being only one type of danger and that being mud from cars and buses that are passing bye, then the boots are no longer elegant or pretty much ugly in a sense. For the beauty of the coats with which they are usually worn to expose the bulkiness of the boot, with the boots breaking the slim lines of the coat making them just visible. With Englishwoman who have adopted the Russian Boot usually use the excuse for the boots being warm and cozy on those frosty days. But what about the knee-length English boot doesn't that deserve a praise?

Even now days the Russian boots are worn with furs, jackets or anything suitably wide and heave by both Women and Men alike, although they are stick out the crowd. Although there is something attractive about those type of boots which doesn't quiet fit with the average Englishmen/Women.


The Boot Takeover

For the who have taken into the boot fashion it is worth pointing out a few downsides. It is partly essential that the boots go with Boot-Cut jeans for men and a Skirt Long enough to reach the top of the boot, no long nor shorter. The boots usually look best with Trench coats or a Fur coat, but in most cases, they should not be worn with Skinny Jeans or a Flimsy Skirt. It’s just balance the size and of the legs in boots.

With choosing boots it advised to avoid the colored ones other than brown or high heeled versions of the boot, as it decreases the boots lifespan and overall look. That leaves us with a couple of choices black, brown leather, suede or animal skin such as Lizard and Snake. The last two that are mentioned they can leave your wallet feeling a lot light before entering a store, even though they don’t tend to look as neat as the brown leather boots. The Suede boots are usually comfy and don’t look shabby but are difficult to keep clean then any other type of leather. We’re sorry but we don’t recommend Russian Boots for sorter people, they overemphasize the short figure.