Models for promotional work


Various locations, but mainly in London. We are looking for beautiful people who are confident going up to shoppers and drawing them into our stand. Models will be working up until the Christmas holidays at various stalls. We will try to get you to a location as near to your own as possible, if we think you are right for the job. You will be required to attend a short meeting with us, so we can meet you, and if successful we will be giving you a really short training session that will be paid. Models will be handing out free samples to passing customers, and trying to get them to come over to the stalls to talk to our team. Models will earn a base rate of £15ph and will also receive commission which will be worked out of the days sales. We are expecting the stalls to be extremely busy so working with the team and keeping customers patient will be a huge requirement. Last year, promotional models were earning £350+ in commission alone. We are looking for people to fill set shifts and most shifts will be on Saturdays and Sundays. Models will receive a tshirt before their first shift, and will be required to wear all black.