Pretty females wanted!


Looking for girls aged 18-25 for a photoshoot. Models will spend 45 minutes to and hour with a training MUA and will be photographed in a studio. Models will have their hair done by a professional hair stylist. This is part of a training project so we will need you to be patient and understanding if the make up isn't done to perfection. We will be taking photographs which will be made available to you, and will be used in our MUA's portfolio at the end of their year. Models will need to have clear, healthy skin and it would be preferred that your skin is not (too) sensitive! All sizes and shapes welcome to apply! We are looking to reuse models later on in the year so this is a great opportunity to get something regular, while adding to your own portfolio. Models should be friendly and up for a laugh as we aren't too serious! Please message your rates and we will put everyone forward to the MUA's and they will pick who they would like. Models may be kept in mind for future work, so by applying you are agreeing for us to contact you in the future.