Influencers needed for various projects

We recently paired with Your Model Management to provide their influencers with paid work and contra given from companies in order for you to promote their products. We are the middle man and will be needing to hear from any YUMM models that have over 40k followers. We are really eager to hear from people who post about travel rather than fashion and outfits, although we will be contacting those people shortly. Our packages will include a 10% commission to us and 10% to Your Model Management with the model keeping 80% from the company providing the product. Models will be sent a contract for each product outlining the amount of posts, stories etc they will need to do. Companies in this area will typically pay £100+ for each product they ask you to promote. This is an ongoing opportunity and is currently UK wide and may possibly be extending to other countries at a later time. Models will be sent items in the post and will agree with the Ts&Cs given from each company for each product.